Online Dating Pick Up Lines

Online Dating Pick Up Lines

How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Pick Up Line in 60 Seconds or Less

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Each and every day, millions of men on dating sites copy and paste the same online dating pick up line to dozens of women, hoping for results.  Sure, using the same pick up line over and over may get one or two responses from every fifty messages you send, but is that really the type of success you are looking for?

On the other hand, it is more than understandable why you wouldn’t want to take the time to write unique and creative emails.  Not only is trying to figure out what to say to women online difficult and time consuming, but there is no way of knowing whether or not all this hard work will result in a response. 

The solution?  With my highly effective 1-2 emailing system for writing emails, you will be able to use pick up lines that not only get tremendous results, but even appear original.  And the best part?  This will take less than 60 seconds every time.  Let’s take a look at the process, followed by a specific email example at the end, along with five online dating pick up lines you can use right now!

Step 1:  Choose a pick up line

A great online dating pick up line should:

  • Make a woman laugh or smile (humor is the #1 attraction builder)
  • Generate interest
  • Show confidence
  • Tap into internal qualities women are naturally attracted to

Time spent:  5-10 seconds.

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Step 2:  Scan the woman’s profile for a commonality

The goal of step 1 is to use a proven pick up line that you know will generate interest and attraction.  But a woman will not respond if she thinks you sent that message to 100 other women.

Stage two is to give the impression that she is the only one you sent it to.  Scan her profile as quickly as possible for one question you can ask about something you have in common.  It could be anything.  Cooking, running, dogs, etc.  The question can be very basic because your pick up line will serve the purpose of generating interest and attraction.

Time spent:  30 seconds or less.

Step #3: Paste your pick up line and write your question.

Paste your pre-packaged pick up line in the first half of the email.  Then write down your question in the second half of the email.

Time spent:  15 seconds.

Let’s see what this looks like using an online dating pick up line from my routines manual…

In the picture to the right, we see a picture of a woman who is a dog lover. I also happen to have a picture of a dog in my profile.  For that reason, I am going to use one of my “dog lover” pick up lines, which I have used countless times to generate interest. 

Come on now…

Here I am putting up the world’s cutest dog picture just to get the attention of a dog lover like yourself, and not even a hello?  I had to steal that dog from a six year old in the park for that photo op, and damn her grandmother could run fast.  Not cool!  😉

…then again, I do see that you train for marathons, and well, I could use a running partner.  Are you signed up for any good events any time soon?


Let’s analyze…

All we did was paste a pre-packaged online dating pick up line (5-10 seconds), scan the profile (thirty seconds), write a question based on the scanning of the profile (20 seconds), and we officially have a great email.

The first half of the email example above ties into many attraction building qualities (sense of humor, confidence, etc.), and is also unique, creative, and interesting.  The second half keeps the conversation going with a commonality, further tapping into attraction.    I can use this line over and over again on any dog lover.

But perhaps most importantly…

Don’t run off and start using online dating pick up lines just yet.  The online dating profile is the most important aspect of your online dating success, and if you don’t design it in ways that are optimized to build high levels of attraction and interest, event the best emails in the world won’t work.

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